Sony drops their bomb ---- A700 is here

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Re: How can an entry level camera compete?

Daniel Roos wrote:

1) There's only a single dial for both time and aperture like on D40x
and 400D entry level cameras

It has 2 dials. In manual mode, one is shutter speed and one is aperture

2) There's no top LCD display, just the bottom like on D40x and 400D
entry level cameras

This is not a "Pro" or "Entry" level feature. There are semi pro cameras that break this rule (A700) and entry level cameras that break this rule (D70). I would consider it more of a "new age" design concept. You really think Sony skimped on this to save a few bucks?

3) The camera lacks the dedicated dial for focus method, like on D40x
and 400D entry level cameras

No it doesn't. Get your facts right.

...So how can this $1500 entry level camera compete with D40x and 400D?
(not even mentioning the lack of 51 area focus, Expeed, D-lighting,
CLS command etc)

It's not supposed to compete with entry level cameras because its not one. Expeed is simply the Nikon processor equivalent to Sonly's Bionz and Canons Digic. D-Lighting is just like Sony's DRO. They're just different names for the same features.

You're in the wrong forum. Check the Nikon D80/D70/D50/D40 forum

You're in the wrong thread.

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