Sony drops their bomb ---- A700 is here

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Re: How can an entry level camera compete?

Daniel Roos wrote:

1) There's only a single dial for both time and aperture like on D40x
and 400D entry level cameras

Wrong.. there are two

2) There's no top LCD display, just the bottom like on D40x and 400D
entry level cameras

And the 7D which in its time was at this level. .. I have not missed it once since I picked up my KM 5D (my first non-Canon/Nikon Since 1978...)

3) The camera lacks the dedicated dial for focus method, like on D40x
and 400D entry level cameras

If you are talking about MF/Single Shot/Tracking..

The dedicated Dial is on the front near the lens.. and then a button that instantly switches between MF/AF.. so it sort of has TWO dedicated controls for choosing focus method.

1 out of three... no bonus round for you...

...So how can this $1500 entry level camera compete with D40x and 400D?
(not even mentioning the lack of 51 area focus, Expeed, D-lighting,
CLS command etc)

DRO is a simluar techology to D-lighting and it had several variations this time.

I think the D300 is an amazing camera... but I have to admit.. I haven't figured out what one does with 51 focus points. But it does sound good.

If Sony had messed this up.. I was going to sell my stuff and get a D300..
I am happy enough that I am keeping my 5D and will have two bodies..

I think both Nikon to a major effect and Sony to a lesser degree are telling Canon its time to wake up.

I ended up ordering mine tonight and hope to be shooting A700 images in 4 weeks.

You're in the wrong forum. Check the Nikon D80/D70/D50/D40 forum

Nope right forum to talk about this competition...:) Again.. Congrats on the sweet D300...

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