Sorry guys, but it's probably not a glass prism

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Re: Sorry guys, but it's probably not a glass prism

David Kilpatrick wrote:

Bengeo wrote:


This site has screen dumps of the comparisons
screens that I saw earlier when they were live and they say Mirror
for the 100 and Pentaprism for the 700.

It certainly does - so why do the specs say 'new internal coating'? A
glass prism can only have an external coating.

That is true. It is not possible to paint the inside surfaces of a solid piece of glass.

Unless they mean a new
multilayer coating between the glass and the mirror deposition (the
prism doesn't actually need mirror coating to function, but most
prisms can be improved by mirrorizing the surfaces).


It could be a mistake in the translation or in the authorship of the specs. To err is human.

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