Sorry guys, but it's probably not a glass prism

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Daniel, I see my faulty assumption...

dkloi wrote:

From all indications, it's just standard CMOS circuitry. From the CX
News 43 article, I think they're using a 75MHz input frequency to the
chip, internally up-converted to 300 MHz which then drives the DAC
and ADC counters. Don't know what the timings are for the IMX021,
can't wait to get my hands on the application sheet.

My bad. I think I must have assumed the "Sideview" of the CX News 43 was somehow related to the Main article. I assumed it was some part of the DSP. Ultimately, with that bad assumption, I researched all the way to a bad conclusion.

However, my original hare-brained idea is not so hare-brained after all. Check out what these rocket scientists are doing. (That wasn't meant to be sarcastic, they work at NASA!) It's not a GLV, but a micro-shutter.

Although that application is complete different, I was imagining something with substantially less torsion, with Micro-ribbons flexing to a side over a micro-lens, the length of the ribbon rolled about it's longest dimension. Each end of the ribbon is attached above a micro-lens at an angle. More ribbons are necessary than if they were attached flat above each micro-lens. Upon deflection the ribbon would flex away, exposing the lens ... gosh, it would be easier to whiteboard this ...

I must have missed the discussion of MEMS with reference to parallel
column ADC. Do you have an exact reference? I really can't imagine
what function they could implement which would be specific to
parallel column ADC. I can think of ways of using microfabrication
techniques for optimisation of microlens/filter/AA assemblies,
perhaps even a tunable filter array.

Seems like MEMS, and now NEMS, is still growing in applications.

The only MEMS I can be sure is in the A700 are the angular rate
sensors for SSS.

I understand the micro-accelerometer application. I wonder what they use for the context awareness of the LCD menu - portrait or landscape. See bottom of page.

Thanx for your considerations, no need to reply. We should probably let this MEMS discussion pass away quiet and peacefully.

So, um.... check out the Popphoto images, taken with the A700, hand-held, inside a dark cathedral!§ion_prefix=cameras&webtrends_section=cameras&article_id=4570&window_id=1&gallery_id=1082&page_number=1&seq=1&cnt=1&slide=on

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