Sony drops their bomb ---- A700 is here

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Re: Sick of people calling it "the same sensor"

If you read again, you will see the point I was making was ISO 100 vs ISO 200 as a base setting. Using similar sensor designs, and I cannot imagine that the basic light sensitive area silicon would be too different also meaning that the base ISO of the sensor may well be similar. I am not making comments on the sensors connectivity or A/D design or any other pros or cons of that nature

"Basically the same" does not mean "exactly the same". I have no idea how similar they are however, I am pretty sure that the technology is related.

glasswindow wrote:

Brad Morris wrote:

Did you notice that the samples are at ISO 100?

The D300 has ISO 200 as the base with 100 as an uncalibrated boost
mode and teh cameras are using basically the same sensor (i think)

They use the same sensor technology, but the sensor for the D300 is
far different from the one Sony is using in theirs, obviously.

We went through this last time with the D200/A100 because everybody
said it was "the same sensor" when in fact the D200 used a variation
on the sensor.

Although with these new Sony sensors, it seems they have made even
more differences between the two. I don't think Sony is as concerned
with this, they're just happy to make sensors for Nikon. Heck, I
would be.

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