OT: Hands on with new Sony A700

Started Sep 6, 2007 | Discussions thread
Magnus Bosse Regular Member • Posts: 389
But... case materials

the Sony is still made of aluminium alloy even outside, a feature the Pentax does not have (which is reinforced plastic). According to Sony it its case made of a special alloy which is more difficult to machine than standard aluminium.

I cannot prove that this is true, but from the luxury watch sector I know that for example the price difference between a steel and a 18kt gold version of an otherwise identical watch (between 50 and 100% markup) is mostly marketing driven and higher than the actual difference in manufacturing costs. Steel is much harder than gold, and thus more time intensive to produce, and also the tools (drills, files etc.) do not last as much cases with steel than with gold. This nearly balances out the difference in raw material costs. With platinum, it is even more extreme, as this metal is even harder.

That only to substantiate that Sony's claim may have some truth in it.


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