Sony drops their bomb ---- A700 is here

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Re: Compared to what?

Compared to the older AF systems the 5d and 7d had, and the a100. Its not that many more points, or cross-sensors, however, having an added f2.8 focusing system is really nice for macro and large aperture lenses, which, if we have noticed, seems to be about the only thing sony is bringing out. (is there logic to this madness?)

also, the AF drive motor in the camera is supposed to be very very powerful, much like the drive motor in the Maxxum 7, and even the 9, which, were touted as the fastest AF motors of any camera.

Yeah, it would be nicer to have SSM/USM/whatever, but hey, if it makes a loudish noise, but is super fast and accurate, I can deal with it. much would CZ glass be if it had SSM's?

AAK wrote:
11 wide sensors with one "double-cross" center point looks enticing
compared to the D300's 51 points with 15 cross-sensors???

I must be missing something.

S.A. wrote:

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