OT: Hands on with new Sony A700

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Framing 16:9 ...

This is one area where I think the camera could be improved. In the viewfinder they have very thin lines extending out from the side a few millimeters to indicate framing for 16:9. In dark lighting, when shooting against a busy background, they are very difficult to see. I asked their execs if they were considering a focusing screen (it has removeable screens - 2 available now) that would make framing for this format more distinct. They weren't sure but thought perhaps the grid screen had this feature.

I think the wider ratio is becoming more poular all the time. Our site has always shot panoramically, but lately I've noticed magazine and newspaper layouts using the wider format more and more. I think it has to do with the popularity of wide screen TV's and monitors.

BTW: The quality of photos on a large High Def TV with their photo option enabled is just stunning. The head of their TV Division did a demo of an image at various common levels of resolution. The High Def Photo option just blew away all the others for definition, tonality and sharpness. Really nice. But apparently this option is currently only offered on a couple models... W something, and the XPR series?

Doug B

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