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No need to apolgise, it's not a well known feature. Panasonic do seem quite keen on the different image ratios, the LX2 has a wide aspect sensor and the TZ3 had some weird sensor which allows it to do both 4:3 and 16:9 without cropping, or so I believe. I did wonder if Sony were doing something similar to that when I read your comment.

To be honest though, putting HDMI on the camera makes a 16:9 shooting option very useful if you're planning more on showing people your photos on screen (many displays are now widescreen) rather than printing them which is often the case. The LX2 pictures do look superb on an HDTV as straight out the camera they fill it properly, the four thirds ones look a bit small with the crop.

Does the A700 offer any assistance in framing the shots? It's something Liveview would be helpful for, on the LX2 it adds black bars to the sides in 4:3 and 3:2 mode which allow you to accurately frame the shot.


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