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Actually no - original post is incorrect

Xoom wrote:

Doug Brown wrote:

You can shoot in 16:9 ratio format (the only DSLR that does this) and

you can output in that aspect ratio to select Bravia TV's in HDMI
format. When the television is selected to photo mode the results are
amazing. Like having a 37 inch computer monitor. Much, much more
detailed than looking at photos on an ordinary TV, or even an HD

I have to wonder if Oly's is being left behind with the 4/3 aspect

Thinking about four thirds in general:

"You can shoot in 16:9 ratio format (the only DSLR that does this)"

The Panasonic L1 (and presumably the Digilux 3) allow you to shoot in 16:9 although it's simply cropping which means the A700 is not the only one to do this but it's not the first either. Unless I'm missing something and it's sensor isn't a standard 3:2 format which is cropped for 16:9

With regards to the Sony in general, I did read through the preview with interest as something that puts me off Nikon/Canon is the lack of inbody IS. The lack of liveview puts me off, even in it's more limited fashion on the E-510/L1 I still find it useful and it doesn't compromise the rest of the camera. What would put me off moreso though is the Sony lenses, while I'm sure they're good quality when looking at the A100 the lenses seemed expensive plus few and far between. It's one of the aspects which I've found to be a disadvantage of Olympus (Canon and Nikon lenses are everywhere) but it's definitely something that's ni a better position than Sony anyway and looks to be improving reasonably quickly with the popualrity of the E-410/E-510.


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