OT: Hands on with new Sony A700

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Re: OT: Hands on with new Sony A700

Doug Brown wrote:

This is kinda my home forum, as the Canon people are so scathing as
to discourage ordinary discussion, and the Sony people might want to
hear news about the their brand.
I thought it might be of interest here as this will be a direct
competitor to the camera many are very excited about in this forum.
It's not my mission in life to spread the word for any camera
Doug B

Andmost of us appreciate the information and your balanced post. Obviously, the new Olympus top model cannot possible top the endless features race in every area, and it is actually quite useful to make such comparisons and try to differentiate between the gee whizz features (e.g. 10fp) that may impressand the handling qualities and important picture-taking performance capabilities we really need (better AF and ISO).

And then there are the not-essential, but convenient/helpful bits,like the new buigger, much higher-res LCD's that Sony has followed Nikon in trouncing Canon and all the rest--as well as Olympus with. But swivelling live is probably worth as much, or more.
saskatoon, canada

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