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Re: Daniel, Thanx, I think the GLV was a red herring, also ...

I think the MEMS used as a GLV was a red herring for me. It's been
more than a decade since I was fab'ing GaAs FETs - so I assumed there
were new fabrication tricks that Sony could employ. I won't tell you
what tricks I imagined, because you, as a well respected physicist,
might hurt yourself from laughing too hard at my ideas. So, you
see, I'm just watching out for your well-being.

Well, I'm not a semiconductor device physicist so I probably won't laugh too hard. I do get to talk to real condensed matter experimentalists and I'm sure they chuckle a bit at my suggestions at times. I'm lucky in that my job allows me to wander all over the map, from semiconductors, superconductors, quantum optics, ion traps, optical lattices, Bose-Einstein condensates, lasers, microwaves, NMR, ESR, buckyballs and nanotubes, though my expertise is mostly top level rather than at the nitty gritty, wrong end of a cryostat range of things :-).

Anyway, after re-reading their material, I have another question. Do
you think, they are using a MEMS structure on the back side of the
sensor, as part of their parallel column A/D converter? Perhaps it's
part of a resonator - perhaps, that is, in part, how they are
obtaining their 60 to 300 Hz.

From all indications, it's just standard CMOS circuitry. From the CX News 43 article, I think they're using a 75MHz input frequency to the chip, internally up-converted to 300 MHz which then drives the DAC and ADC counters. Don't know what the timings are for the IMX021, can't wait to get my hands on the application sheet.

I hope I'm not over staying my welcome, but here are the reasons why
I keep re-looking the MEMS issue:
1) the name, Ex MOR, and
2) they discussed MEMS when talking about their high speed chip, at
least during the initial development, and
3) I'm geekier than I let on and this stuff still fascinates me.

I prefer these geeky discussions over stupid ones like, "The CF card on the 7D is backwards compared to all other cameras, therefore it's rubbish and I'll never buy a KM product again" type of discussions (mooted as a criticism of the 7D when it was released AFAIR).

I must have missed the discussion of MEMS with reference to parallel column ADC. Do you have an exact reference? I really can't imagine what function they could implement which would be specific to parallel column ADC. I can think of ways of using microfabrication techniques for optimisation of microlens/filter/AA assemblies, perhaps even a tunable filter array.

The only MEMS I can be sure is in the A700 are the angular rate sensors for SSS.


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