OT: Hands on with new Sony A700

Started Sep 6, 2007 | Discussions thread
OP Doug Brown Veteran Member • Posts: 3,964
Re: OT: Hands on with new Sony A700

Don't knock Olympus. I pulled out my E510 and started shooting product shots of the cameras (I think the SONY execs were amused by that) and looking at those photos and the ones from the A700 in the same light the Oly images are just different. Not technically inferior, just a different tonal scale and saturation.

But I will tell you for free that the A700 beats the E510 at high ISO. There's one shot I did of the studio setup at 3200 & 6400 sequentially. I have hard time telling them apart. But then, like I said, some other 6400 shots don't look as impressive.

Doug B

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