OT: Hands on with new Sony A700

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Re: OT: Hands on with new Sony A700

Firstly, having posted in the Sony DSLR forum why duplicate this post to Olympus SLR, but not to Pentax, Canon or Nikon? Olympus DSLR forum readers are just as capable as Canon, Nikon and Pentax forum readers of reading the News Discussion and Sony SLR forums when curious about a new Sony DSLR!

Doug Brown wrote:

Max. frames per second is 6 fps. but their technical person said the sensor is capable of doing 10fps.

Actually 5fps (same as the leaked E-3 spec.), but what intrigues me is when and where that 10fps ability of the new Sony IMX021 sensor will be used.

One obvious guess is that the ability will be used in the promised professional Sony DSLR, with a suitably turbo-charged shutter and mirror.

Eleven point auto focus - feels much quicker than my 20D, with a double cross high precision sensor in the centre for lenses 2.8 and larger.

Focus was off in just a few of the early frames as I had it in auto focus point selection mode, once I switched it to centre point they were dead on.
... Olympus have their work cut out ...

Judging from the leaked E-3 spec's, Olympus has a number of advantages:

  • All 11 of its AF points will be cross style, rather than just the central one, and usable to -2 EV instead of 0 EV. (And hopefully all 11 will be accurate, not just the central one!)

  • better in-body stabilization: 5 stops instead of 2.5 to 4.

  • a larger VF image with 100% coverage instead of 95%

  • live view with articulated LCD.

So the E-3 might do alright.

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