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Re: Top LCD

I agree with shaocaholica. I have both a Minolta 7D and a Nikon D200. I never have had any power drain issues with my 7D -- my batteries lasted a long time over a day of shooting -- and in fact I really miss Minolta's bright, comprehensive, and easy-to-read back LCD data display when I'm using my D200. I'm not crazy about Nikon's top LCD display.

Sony seems to have simultaneously sharpened (clearer font) and cluttered the data display, based on photos I've seen. Clutter isn't good.

And I continue to bemoan the loss of the Exposure Compensation knob. Foo.

shaocaholica wrote:

200mm wrote:

Power consumption is a weak argument these days. I'm pretty sure the
A700 gets just as many shots as the D300 or any other top LCD camera.
The amount of power saved is negligible. I'd rather have the comfort
of using the large rear LCD over a few more photos from my relatively
robust li-ion battery anyway. The Minolta/Sony cameras turn off the
LCD after a timer, when your face is up to the viewfinder, when the
camera is in a bag (triggers the distance sensor). The amount of
power used to configure the camera and review settings is negligible
compared to the amount of power stored in todays Li-ion battery packs.

The top LCD is a legacy relic from the pre digital days when cameras
didn't have a need for a large rear LCD for review. Look at all the
high end film backs. They all had a big LCD for info display because
it was convenient to have it there. I'll agree that I would like to
see a super small top mounted LCD that displayed the amount of
shots/battery/time/date but thats it and I wouldn't miss it. I don't
want to configure my camera via the top LCD when I have another
bright 3" VGA color LCD on the same camera.

Despite all the arguments thrown around for or against it, it really
isn't a feature that should have any bearing on the qualification of
the camera as a professional tool.

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