what Nikon got right

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Re: what Nikon got right

Priaptor wrote:

HDMI outputs-totally useless, especially if all it can output is
1280x768 (are those really correct figures?) especially if your
numbers are correct, why bother with HDMI if you aren't even coming
close to 1080? Also, who cares about hooking a Pro camera up to a
TV, plasma or otherwise, for review-is this a point and shoot?

Minor point of correction, the resolution for 720P output would be 1280x720, not 768. And to say why bother if it's not 1080 is pretty silly, since a clean 720P signal from your camera would be higher detailed than most broadcasting due to the amount of luma/chroma subsampling and compression involved in broadcast, or even HD tape formats in general (1080 on DVCProHD is subsampled to 1280x1080 in 4:2:2 chroma)

That aside, I don't know where the idea of it only outputting 720P comes from since it doesn't seem to list resolution on the specs page and a quick google search brings back the page of http://www.pdnonline.com/pdn/prodtech/news/article_display.jsp?vnu_content_id=1003629911
which claims it to be a 1080i output of HDMI.

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