Sorry guys, but it's probably not a glass prism

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Daniel, Thanx, I think the GLV was a red herring, also ...


Thank you,

I think the MEMS used as a GLV was a red herring for me. It's been more than a decade since I was fab'ing GaAs FETs - so I assumed there were new fabrication tricks that Sony could employ. I won't tell you what tricks I imagined, because you, as a well respected physicist, might hurt yourself from laughing too hard at my ideas. So, you see, I'm just watching out for your well-being.

Anyway, after re-reading their material, I have another question. Do you think, they are using a MEMS structure on the back side of the sensor, as part of their parallel column A/D converter? Perhaps it's part of a resonator - perhaps, that is, in part, how they are obtaining their 60 to 300 Hz.

I hope I'm not over staying my welcome, but here are the reasons why I keep re-looking the MEMS issue:
1) the name, Ex MOR, and

2) they discussed MEMS when talking about their high speed chip, at least during the initial development, and
3) I'm geekier than I let on and this stuff still fascinates me.

b shaw

dkloi wrote:
I can see it being used for projection purposes, though I'm not so
sure about how best to incorporate it into a sensor.

At your convenience, please advise.

No problem at all since I'm already familiar with them, just haven't
followed them in a few years so it an excuse to catch up.


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