6 Cartrdie ink VS 2 Cartridge Models

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Re: Single vs Multi ink cartridges

tony brown wrote:

Yours nit-pickingly, Tony.

You're right about wasted ink due single ink replacement. But as you are "nit-pickingly" :-), I've done some "research":

I have Canon iP5000 and reading service manual (hard to get), I can see:

cleaning procedure, when replacing single color ink cartridge, consumes 1g of each color ink.

I couldn't find how much grams of color is in one cartridge -there's 13ml, which isn't the same, I suppose.

But reading further, I can see: if printer isn't being used for five days, then 0.5g color inks is used for "regular" cleaning method. And: Deep Cleaning (executed by user -if needed), consumes 1g of each color ink.

As I'm not pro user (which means do not print photos all the day), I'm thinking...

Replacing single ink does (approx) the same amount of waste ink as regular weekly maintenance does. In short: I waste ink anyway, so changing single ink doesn't add much.

OK, my economy may have holes, but I can live with that

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