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Re: dkloi, Request your brainpower re: EXMOR, MEMs, & Grating Light Valves

Based on a little homework, I made a guess back in early March
regarding the EXMOR CMOS chips, that is, the chip incorporates a
Grating Light Valve (GLV). Although, Sony doesn't come out and say
the CMOS is a MEMs device with a GLV, they allude to it in their
CX-NEWS articles. (For more background, I copied the post and link

I actually looked into these things a few years back for possible use in a quantum optics experiment. Wasn't quite what we were looking for but it was an interesting use of MEMS.

So my questions for you are:
Do these new chips have a MEMs structure / GLV on them? If so, are
they including a mechanical shutter in the A700 only because of their
concern that photographers may be reluctant to adapt to the new

GLVs work in reflection, not transmission so it'd be hard to incorporate it as a shutter on top of a sensor. You could use in an optical system where it was a reflective element which could be turned off. In this way, it is similar in effect to the TI DLP micromirror MEMS devices, though it can operate at higher speeds due to the mechanism of operation (a difrractive grating elements only needs to move fractions of the wavelength of light compared to swinging a mirror).

If these chips don't have it, is Sony going to use the GLV concept
just for video cams? Or, am I way off base altogether?

I can see it being used for projection purposes, though I'm not so sure about how best to incorporate it into a sensor.

At your convenience, please advise.

No problem at all since I'm already familiar with them, just haven't followed them in a few years so it an excuse to catch up.


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