Sony drops their bomb ---- A700 is here

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Re: Sony drops their bomb ---- A700 is here

Vince P wrote:

It does look a good camera but I doubt that it is targetting the 40D
or D300. In my view if you buy either you are buying into a system.
The Sony doesn't have access to a system to match either Nikon or
Canon ... yet. The Minolta A is a little long in the tooth. I think
they are aiming at the body, kit lens and a budget tele market. The
feature set is certainly good for that market. In this area they will
be gunning for the Nikon D40-D80 and the Canon 400D above that is a
big gap left by Canon which I am sure they will fill soon. Here it
looks like Sony could make a dent and I imagine it's a fair bit more
lucrative than the 40D D300 sector.

This doesn't make any sense at all. The D40 with two lens kit is under $1000. This camera is $1400 for just the body. That's the same as the 40D, not D40. Based on the build and features, they are already probably shaved thin on margin, so they can't drop into the D40 range, and why should they? This camera can compete with the 40D and D300. Badly (IMHO), but it can compete.

As for them moving to Full frame, well either they would need to
change the lens mount or develop a lot of lenses, that needs market
share. It's chicken and the egg.

It seems a little early to be looking for a full frame camera from Sony/Minolta. They have the financial resources to pull it off, but there's a real question of whether there is a market yet for a pro Sony body. All those Canon 1D shooters are going to look at the Sony, look at the lens lineup, look at the L glass lineup, and blow a gasket from laughing so hard.

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