Sony drops their bomb ---- A700 is here

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Re: A700 AF in Action

moire: "Dont forget the AS/SSS .. too much vibration from the shutter etc can be problematic."

redesigned counterweighted shutter and mirror mechanism supposedly eliminates that.

I like it, and for 1400 dollars, its a very competitive camera. From the sample pictures i have seen, it seems to be on par ISO wise with the canon 5d, which is terrific.

5fps is awesome, lack of an LCD screen, oh well. Its funny to see all the people complaining because of the lack of a top mounted LCD screen, saying "pro cameras have to have it because its what we have had forever" and then see other people complain that "there is no live view LCD"

I really happy with the improved AF motor they put in the camera, supposedly aiming for the a700 to have the fastest AF motor of any camera, much like the Minolta Maxxum 7 had.

Whats the better camera? Spec wise the d300 is faster FPS, has Live View and GPS, among a couple other features. But its nice to have in body stabilization, and at around 400-500 less, its a nice trade off, least for me.

Im not saying the sony is better, but its different strokes for different folks.

PS: they also are dropping prices of all, if not most, of the Sony lenses, which has been a big problem for a while. And we are talking about pretty large drops too, around 20% in some cases.

Im happy, hopefully i will be able to try one out, and pick one up soon. Im just happy to see both Sony and Nikon make such huge strides in a single calender year, and sony hasnt released their OTHER new body yet either, Will it be an a100 replacement, or maybe a pro model? Either way, im happy.

Edit: Oh yeah, the a700 has a normal raw output, and then a completely uncompressed raw output, much like the d300. So maybe the sony a700 will be 14 bit in that mode.

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