Sony drops their bomb ---- A700 is here

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Re: I disagree.

PhotoTraveler wrote:

I don't question Nikon AF performance. In messing with them I was
stunned how good it is, and I hate AF.

This is just a bit OT, but why do hate AF?

My old (but still working perfecty) Nikon FTN from 1969 doesn't have AF, nor did the cameras I used before that (back to my first Kodak Brownie in the late 1950's) so I can really appreciate the added number of actually in-focus shots I can take today with AF. But it's not a boolean world -- you don't have to decide to use AF or go manual as the fixed operating mode of the camera. You can do both. Both have their uses.

Also, when you get over 60, like a few of us, your eye sight aint what it used to be when we were in our 20's and 30's. AF is a BIG BIG help.

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