Congratulations, A-mounters!! A worthy addition.

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Agreed, Jose. Lots of '7' in the mix.

Lots of references to the '7' legacy in the hands-on preview. That's good news. It means that the Sony team has looked at, and listened to, what made Minolta one of the 'Big Three' back in it's day. They have adhered to certain design philosophies, while still moving the design forward.

Minolta's engineers have always designed good cameras. Unfortunately, the business decisions were less thought out in later years.

José B wrote:
and can stand on its own. Love the way Sony looks after the Minolta
crowd and came out with camera that should be worthy of the '7' badge.



Whopper wrote:

G'day All,

Well, i have just seen the specs and the video presentation and i'm
happy sofar. The A-700 looks like a good camera. Now i'm really
curious about the A-900 or whatever they will name it.



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