Sony drops their bomb ---- A700 is here

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Re: I disagree.

5fps 8fps I don't think they matter much. If fps matter to a person, the should go buy a 1DIII or D3. I don't know how people can think that a few frames matter. Maybe when talking 1 to 3fps, or even 3 to 5fps. But after 5, I don't think it matters much.

I don't question Nikon AF performance. In messing with them I was stunned how good it is, and I hate AF. Between the Nikon and Canon's I don't know how people can say Canon is better in AF.

Still, Minolta knows how to make an AF system when they try. Their DSLR bodies have been terrible though. They just went cheap there. But the older film bodies like the 7 are reported to have very good AF, like 2-3x better in speed than bodies like the 7D.

So my point is simply give Sony-Minolta a chance. Anyone can in one move match or overtake someone else on something. Just look how Nikon just blanked Canon over night.

I think the A700 and the D300 are very competitive with each other, but the A700 does drop a few things (GPS support, 100% view finder), though the D300 doesn't have AS/SSS. And for the price difference, the A700 at 1400 USD is looking real good.

Now, lets see what Pentax does with a K1D.

michaeladawson wrote:
A very fair statement. The point of my statement was only to say
that I didn't think that 5 vs. 6 fps was much of a reason to claim
that the A700 was not a threat to the D300.

I mentioned AF performance as being much more important. But I must
say... do you REALLY think there is a need to doubt the AF
performance in Nikon's top of the line DLSR? Sony would be doing
real well to come close to it. Not that they can't or won't.

PhotoTraveler wrote:

But we really don't know much about either cameras AF yet.

Reports are of the A700 having AF performance like the 7, (not the
7D), which if true the A700 could have an extremely good AF system.

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