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Re: You should reread my post...

David A Melges wrote:

first of all I say "to me" so you can't call me silly, I'm telling
you exactly what matters to me.

Second of all I'm talking about people "waiting for Live View" not
DSLR shooters in general.

There is a very real, fast growing segment of SERIOUS shooters that
use Live View exclusively, and have no interest in any camera without

I'm one.

Because I will not buy a camera without that feature, that is a deal
breaker feature and of course I can equate that to a motor...if it
ain't got one, I ain't buying the car.

I love Sony!

We're sure going to miss you...

But it's not like you do not have options...

What lenses are you going to be selling?

Maybe this might work out for everybody, you get your live view and we soften the blow...

At least you no longer have to wait, cheer up it could be worse, like waiting for the Flagship then finding out you can't afford it, or that sucks for another lack, or that it doesn't have it either...

I'm not accusing you of being poor, or picky, just trying to talk sense...

No live view here, not today, not tomorrow.

But elsewhere? Yeah Baby you're good to go...sure going to miss you.

Best Regards

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