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Re: LiveView is indispensable

optical_illusion wrote:

Perhaps you wouldn't need liveview because you are accustomed to film
SLRs that do not have the feature. And technically it's not
indispensable. But it's indispensable in terms of marketing/sales
viewpoint, since the OP asked about it from the sales viewpoint.

You can take photos without AF, shake reduction, high ISO, high
resolution, and dust reduction, but can you imagine today's DSLRs
without these features? Do you think such cameras can be profitable
to the manufactures? These features are indispensable for good
marketing. In this respect, I said liveview is indispensable. If Sony
had the much higher brand value in DSLR business, it might be fine
without liveview. But even Canon and Nikon offer the feature with
their latest models now. I can imagine store staff would say, "May I
help you? I see you're looking for a DSLR. A700? Ehh, well, not bad,
but it doesn't have liveview. How about 40D or D300?" I do not think
the specifications fo A700 are bad, but I think the specs are bit
weak, compared to competitors'. Thus I think the lack of liveview
would hurt the sales of A700. Time will tell.

As for technical advantage of liveview, it's useful and effective for
MF (especially with APS-C DSLRs that has a small OVF), low & high
angle shooting, and AF adjustment to solve problems with front & back

PS: It's funny some people are saying liveview is not needed. I
wonder whether or not these people would say the same thing even if
A700 had the feature.

I agree...going from film slr OVF to a typical APS OVF is painful, especially with glasses. Liveview may not be necessary but it sure does improve usability. I would not trade my A2 EVF with tilt LCD for a typical APS OVF and no Liveview. If you can have your cake and eat it too...why not? If the A700 OVF comes close to a FF OVF then I would not miss Liveview as much, but not having a tilt LCD with Liveview would cause a bad itch, this relates to your needs , of course.
Fred, KM A2 and F30
'Your best Photo should be viewed with a biased eye'

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