Congratulations, A-mounters!! A worthy addition.

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Re: Congratulations, A-mounters!! A worthy addition.

From what I have seen so far, I think, the A700 looks very good. Of course, I am reserving judgment until I see how it actually performs (vs. paper specs) and the price.

Many of the specs aren't so important to me, but these are:

  • A bit smaller and lighter than the KM 7D and Canon 30D. I owned the 7D and currently own the 30D. For many uses I like the size and weight just fine, but for backpack travel, which is the most important use for me, they were both a little too big and heavy. I have the A100 too and for travel its size and weight are wonderful, unfortunately it has other problems.

  • AF improvements. I don't need state of the art AF speed and tracking (it's nice to have though), but reasonable speed with accuracy at all focal lengths is very important. We'll see if the A700 finally fixes the KM 7D and Sony A100 problems.

  • High ISO improvements. This, also, we must wait and see, but rumors are that it is much improved.

  • SSS is claimed to be improved also. The KM 7D and Sony A100 SSS is quite nice, but if it has been improved further then I would be happy.

  • Better viewfinder.

  • AF/MF button. I like the custom function 4 on the Canon 30D that delinks AF from the shutter release and maps it instead to the * button by the right thumb. The KM 7D's rear AF/MF button, while not quite as nice, was still pretty good. I'm glad it is back. After using the A100 for awhile this was the #1 reason I gave it to my wife, plus the fact that she desperately wanted it.

  • RGB histogram.

I won't be one of the first ones to buy one. I will definitely hold off and hear from other users, but in a few months I will certainly give it serious consideration.

  • New DRO might be very nice. It is allowed in RAW now so I am very interested to see what it can do.

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