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Not really.

The thing that will separates this camera and the ones to follow is the quality of the Zeiss lenses.

Believe me..they will be expensive, but they will elevate this camera to the top.

I shot with Contax 35mm early in my career and they were always better than my Canon and Nikon buddies..noticably.

Then when I used Hassy for awhile..same 6x6 was better than most LF.

It's going to be missed out on by many of the Sony users because the Zeiss lenses are going to be out of the financial reach of many users. That goes with the camera concept that Sony is using.

For those that can't afford the top of the line Zeiss..there is still plenty of quality Minolta glass around that is more or less affordable.

But the CZ glass is the key compnent here.

Too may people get caught up in the bling of the technology, but it's all about the glass, boss.

The glass.


Tim Quigley

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