Sorry guys, but it's probably not a glass prism

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Re: LoL

Two Truths wrote:

That's the funniest joke you've come up with so far!

I believe that what you are referring to was the "Spherical Acute
Matte" coating, which is also featured on the KM 7D.

Spherical Acute Matte is not a coating, it's a laser-die embossed surface for the focusing screen.

I'm referring to this from the full specs:

"A new pentaprism system with internal anti-reflective coating provides a large, bright image that aids positive, accurate manual focusing."

Note that Sony has referred to mirror prisms as pentaprisms before, because that is technically what they are. They have also used the term roof prism, which is incorrect. A roof prism is the type used in the 1948 Wrayflex design, and produces an image reversed left to right but upright (not inverted). It is almost unusable in an SLR, which is one of the small problems Wray had with the Wrayflex Pan to the left and the subject goes to the right.

Just tell me how a glass prism can have an internal anti-reflective coating. I have always been under the impression the prism would be solid, glass. It's just this one technical phrase which bothers me because I know how imprecise or misleading Sony descriptions can be when they want them to be.


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