New Sony A700 specs and pics

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Re: Fewer features than D300 ...

gipper51 wrote:

DRG wrote:

Vibrio wrote:

seems like a nikon D300

The A700 seems to be missing Live View and does not use a pro-class
AF system (11 AF points, without solid info on whether any other than
the center point is cross-type). Frame rate is also slightly lower
and viewfinder mag. is less (similar to 20D). Likely to have smaller
frame buffer, too. We'll find out more tomorrow (including price
point), the official announcement date.


It makes me wonder if there is an industry standard for how
viewfinder magnification is measured. Everyone raves about how big
and bright the Nikon D200/D80 VFs are, but if you look thru an A100
side by side it is not much smaller. Smaller, yes but only
marginally. The A100 VF is almost identical to the 30D in size.
It's miles ahead of the Rebel or anything from Oly. If the new cam
is larger than A100 (per specs) then it should be as good as any crop
sensor camera.
My gallery for your perusal:

The viewfinder on the A100 was OK, but I would have to disagree that it's as big as the 30D. It's definitely darker -- but that's to be expected from a pentamirror VF. Now the 40D VF is even better than my KM 7D.

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