40D, D300 & A700 side by side ( 2342x1661 pix )

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Re: expectations

I am getting one anyway but my expectations were raised by other cameras

Didn't know where you were coming from. The problem is, we evaluate things by what we want, not what we really need.

2. Live view: will be nice if shooting under water for me. Have just
started my new world exploring the possibility of doing some diving.
All other accessories are extremely expensive including underwater
housing, strobes, flash, etc etc.

Then you may have to go to the system that works for this application. Considering the expense of everything else, a D300 and 105mm VR would be a drop in the ocean :-).

4. CF remained expensive, at point of 8Gb or above. I thought SD and
MS duo offer better read/write speed as well. Adapters tend to
compromise performance as well.

Just checked, £77 for CF 8GB Extreme III, about as much as I paid for 4GB Extreme II a year ago. A 16GB CF is less than twice as expensive. Can you get SD higher than 8GB? As for write speeds, looking at the Sandisk website, fastest CF is about twice as fast as fastest SD or MS.

Other nice feature I love to have is

1. HDMI output

It has HDMI output, though it's that useful for me.

2. GPS integration

Doesn't work underwater :-).

3. Better flash system


4. Much improved AF speed and accuracy

If reports are to be believed, speed is up to Dynax 7 speeds. If so, then I'd be ecstatic.

5. Upgrade roadmap including cameras and glass

Nikon and Canon don't. Sony have announced a higher spec camera, and we have a slew of lenses to come. Exact specs may not be available but you can make educated guesses.


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