Sorry guys, but it's probably not a glass prism

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Re: thanks for vf explanation

My calculations were only approximate - but - I don't believe there is any one "true" method of comparison between the numbers, because they are always inaccurate and incomplete.

I should really have converted both to full-frame;
Canon 400D = 0.50x (95% coverage)
Alpha 100 = 0.55x (95% coverage)
Canon 40D = 0.59x (95% coverage)
Alpha 700 = 0.60x (95% coverage)
Nikon D200 / Pentax K10D = 0.63x (95% coverage)
Nikon D300 = 0.63x (100% coverage)

So, the A100 viewfinder is a tenth larger than the 400D, whereas the A700 is a fifth larger than the 400D.
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