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Re: LiveView OR SSS - why that distinction?

I made the point that I prefer SSS over liveview not to suggest they cannot both be done.

My point in raising it was to suggest to anyone saying 'well, I will go get a Canon or Nikon' that neither of these brands have anything like SSS in body. None.

So if you are shopping based on features and must have liveview, then you forfeit SSS. Its as simple as that.

Given the choice therefore of one feature over the other, I much prefer SSS.

Whether or not its technically possible to have both, I do not know.

joel avery wrote:

I've read several posts in this thread and past threads that seem to
imply that there is some difficulty between implementing LiveView and
SSS in the same body.

Is there a real technical problem here that a true DSLR can't do both
or is just a case of "i'd rather have this feature over that feature"?



LiveView with tilt/flip LCD = way cool
LiveView without...not so much

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