40D, D300 & A700 side by side ( 2342x1661 pix )

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Re: 40D, D300 & A700 side by side ( 2342x1661 pix )

After a rough Photoshop work, here are them side by side,
aproximately at same scale.

The Canon should be larger to match the screen's size with the Sony.
The Nikon LCD is not the same apsect ratio of the Sony either,

The Alpha 700 dimensions
141.7x104.8x79.7mm, 690g w/o battery, 768g with battery

Canon 40D
146 x 108 x 74 mm, 822g with battery

Nikon D300
147 x 114 x 74 mm, 826g without battery

150 x 106 x 78 mm, 760g without battery

As per the site

the A700 measurements are:
142 x105 x 80 mm, 690g w/o battery
It seems the smaller of the three...

Yes, that was what I was getting at. You need to rescale the 40D in your comparison so that it bigger, the screen in your current picture is too small. the A700 has a screen 256x197px, the 40D 244x185px, hence you need to rescale your 40D pic 5% to match the 3" LCD screen sizes. The Nikon screen is 248x189px so the D300 should be rescaled 3%.

The Alpha 700 is quite trim compared to the other two it seems. I was hoping for something smaller than the 7D, easier to pack.


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