Sorry guys, but it's probably not a glass prism

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Re: Sorry guys, but it's probably not a glass prism

Two Truths wrote:

mezman wrote:

I'm pretty sure it's a pentaprism. However I was a little
disappointed to see it's still only a .9x magnification and 94%
coverage. On an APS-C camera, that still adds up to a relatively
small viewfinder. Especially in light of the D300's 100% view at
.94x magnification.

The D300 costs over two-fifths more than the Alpha-700!

The nearest competitor to the Alpha-700 is the Canon 40D...
That is 0.95x with 95% magnification.

However; the 40D is 1.6x crop rather than 1.5x crop. That gives you
approximately the equivalent of 0.89x, which is smaller than the

True, no doubt about it the D300 costs more then the A700. But I was hoping for a little better viewfinder. That's been one of my biggest complaints with my move to digital is how tiny the viewfinders are, making manual focusing nearly impossible.

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