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Re: Noise!

magic823 wrote:

Liveview may be fine for a very small sensor, but with APS-C or
larger you are just asking for noise. The longer the sensor is
working the warmer it gets and the more noise you'll get. This is why
astrophotographers cool their sensors.

Give me low noise and long battery life any day over LV.

No seriously, try an R1 (not sure if you have or not :-))...big sensor....very very well implimented live view via a decent EVF (but could be better) tradeoffs with IQ as far as I can see...big thumbwheel for live view EVF adjustment...brilliant

The first company that introduces a fast cam with interchangeable lenses and an EVF just slightly higher res than the R1 and an articulating LCD...will have a winner

Busch knows what I mean...he has an R1 and an A100 and I think he feels exactly the same as me

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Sony A100 examples here:

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