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Re: The LiveView Poll

Rouslan wrote:

I think it will hurt sales.

For P&S users migrating for bigger camera (DSLR) it will be a show

It's a advanced DSLR, there is a cheaper DSLR, that's what those migrating P&S folks will buy. And I did not notice the sales of the A100 being hurt by the lack of liveview. And we have seen folks posting how they found they did not need liveview once they actually got out and started taking photos with a DSLR.

The bigger new DSLR sales market especially at the advanced level is film SLR users finally migrating to DSLR. They are looking for a digital just like their film camera. Many of them also have liveview P&S cameras so they know the difference.

And in spite of the gloom and doom from folks claiming you can't take photos without liveview, a large number of P&S folks bought the A100 and made some of the best photos of their life. They are now ready to move up to a camera with more features to go along with their growing lens and accessory collections and/or skills. Are they going to see liveview as key to their success with the A100? I don't think so. Are they going to choose their advanced DSLR on the basis of liveview?

So, what we have is some P&S folks who more than likely would not have bought the A700 even with full liveview (because it's too expensive, too complicated, etc) and they are threatening to walk out of DSLR because it does not have liveview? Fine, don't let the door hit you on the way out, you won't be missed. There's enough getting into DSLR and loving it to keep camera sales high and provide plenty to move into the more advanced DSLRs. I doubt you will find a single advanced DSLR user who's walking out of DSLR's just because they don't have the liveview like they want.

The reason why liveview will come is because it's cheaper to make. The manufacturers will make it all we have just as soon as they can convince us to continue paying the high prices of DSLR for it. (until the optical viewfinder goes liveview increases cost, so the optical viewfinder will go) Nothing at all to do with what's better for photography.


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