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Re: No liveview= non runner in marketplace

Oh dear what a silly post...I am a very enthusiastic user of the A100 (actually I own two), I also have a Sony R1...take a look at my samples and my blog...oh and my feature in Davids Photoworld magazine last month on my South West Coast Path walks with the A100

The ONE feature that may have tempted me to upgrade from my A100 was a well implimented live view...I use live view on the R1 and see it as a huge advantage...and ALL DSLRs will eventually have it

I am sure this new cam is great...but its a tough market and people will now expect live view...its the future...if you cant see that, then you have no imagination

LarryMcArdle wrote:

If we can manage without it, then how exactly does it become 'obsolete'?

My understanding is that something that is usable and useful is not
obsolete. An instrument with which we can manage to do our jobs is
not, by definition, obsolete.

This is a contradiction - kind of like a 'kodakuser' saying they
won't buy a Sony because it's missing some certain individual feature.

Nothing personal, but you could at least change your moniker to
Minoltauser or SonyUser!! So you self-identify as a Kodak
aficianado, and you're making a big deal about some
kinda-sorta-useful feature not available in a Sony?

Were you really GOING to buy the A700, and then - based on
specifications that haven't truly been officially released, you're
NOT going to buy it based on this one missing feature? AND you're
going out shortly to buy a DSLR that WILL have it?

Just curious....

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'Take nothing but photographs....leave nothing but footprints'

Vaughan....KodakP880/Sony Alpha100/Sony R1/Sony 717

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