The LiveView Poll

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Re: The LiveView Poll

Alpha Doug wrote:

Virtually useless toy. When you are in Live View mode on any Canon
or Nikon camera, focusing is done differently (contrast detection)
and is far less accurate than with the mirror down. You get total
blackout while shooting fast, so tracking is near impossible. Hand
held, you better get nothing but image stabilized lenses, cause you
are going to bobble the thing holding it out far enough to view on
the screen. Marketing, marketing, marketing.

On contrary, contrast detection is much accurate than phase detection(traditional SLR), and it could be 100% accurate at any spot on your screen, even top end DSLR could only achieve 51 spots in central area only, and only a few of them are accurate(F2.8 or larger).

One of the drawback of contrast detection AF is the AF speed. That's why ppl want both live view AF and traditional AF, not only one option.

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