The LiveView Poll

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Ehrik Veteran Member • Posts: 8,014
Yes will hurt sales a bit

Since the competiton will have it: D300, 40D, E-3 (with articulation).

Good for tripod work, precise focus (lens test for measurebators!), odd

angles, live histogram, silent shooting... Specifics will depend on the particular
implementation of course.

There have been many sceptics about Liveview, especially when the E-330
was reviewed here, but with the industry leaders embracing it and more
people getting to try it out, it will gain its fans and they will pop up in
the Sony vs. N/C threads to come and argue the benefits of Liveview.

Given the choice between antishake and liveview I would prefer antishake,

But C/N have their estalished names, very broad lens ranges with offers at
all price levels, big established user base. So to compensate for this,
Sony needs to offer a lot and missing live view from the spec sheet
doesn't help their cause.

Just my two oere
Erik from Sweden

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