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Re: Live view uses

RacingManiac wrote:

maybe for those that you need to be on the ground, I can see that, I
took this shot

lying chest on the pavement, not exactly fun....
(not really macro, but same idea).

Again, that's one shot in the last 2 years...

No question that there are possible uses for this feature. My concern though is price vs usability. If this were to drive the price of this camera up another $200 would it be worth it in the few places I might use it? Not really. How about if the price shift to get this was just $100? I still don't know.

I probably use 85 to 90% of the features on my 7D. The further away I get from that number the more money I paying for the features I do use. I guess I am just a basic sort of guy. Hey, I would be happy if the camera did not have an image processor in it and shot nothing but RAW, however, I am guessing that would put me in the minority.


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