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Re: I won't buy it.

David A Melges wrote:

Every camera decision I've made since 2002 has started and ended with
Live View.

Only time it was of importance to me was in buying a P&S for a light camera for bike touring and such like. Then liveview quality was a very big part of the choice. And my choices were which absolutely awful liveview to go with. I was replacing a Olympus IS-1 film camera, which has a wonderful optical viewfinder.

I'm shooting the R1 until someone does Live View correctly in an
interchangeable lens system.

This is the case with most who want liveview, they are P&S folks and don't buy in the level of camera of a advanced DSLR. Even the lowest level DSLR is really more camera than they need. It's a choice, and they made it. They should not be counted in potential sales of a advanced DSLR. Talk is cheap, actually buying a advanced DSLR system with body, lenses and flashes is not.

And won't be buying the Canon or Nikon liveview high end DSLR's either, so no loss from Sony in their DSLR sales to Canon or Nikon due to liveview.

I can see more value in having a tethered mode in high end cameras to a external display. In a sense the Sony connector for their HDTV is closer to this. The desire by some for a wireless two way connection to a laptop for this would be more valuable. And fill most of the liveview pro uses better. The Pro camera this might be something Sony expands on.


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