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Re: The LiveView Poll

Jim Ogilvie wrote:


I agree with you on most counts, but 16 x 9 is truly a gimmick in

It's just a crop.

16 x 9 is an aspect ratio that only has context or meaning in
broadcast/television type scenarios. It has no real place in
photography. Now, if your goal is to shoot and display on a
widescreen tv almost exclusively and you don't want to bother with
any kind of PP workflow - sure, it has a use.

Sony markets their Bravia line of LCD TV as being camera connectable. And the Bravia I have has the connector corresponding to the one on the camera. So, I can see how we can pretty much expect most any new Sony camera to have the connector and circuitry for it.

Note, however, the Bravia will take a card plugged into a USB adapter and play that fine regardless of aspect ratio of the camera. I do that from time to time with cards from my 7D and Z6. The TV is very capable of displaying those very well indeed. No 16 x 9 needed.

The Bravia also has the connections to act as a computer monitor. I've hooked my MacBook Pro to it as a 2nd monitor a few times.


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