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Re: Completely disagree..

You can't say live-view is like the motor to a car in a camera....

I can see it'll be a deal breaker for some, but to say that its just silly...

Though I've seen people who decided not to buy a particular car because it has no outside temperature display....(true story)

Each user has their own preference, for me, I even turn away from my Canon P&S A20's LCD display because it is too slow(mid you, that was 6 years ago), I shot with my Z1 with just the eye-viewfinder display(eventhough its the same as the LCD screen output), and as I've said I have rarely missed the live-view from my KM5D(other than those time I have to explain to people why I can't use it)...

Live-histogram, now that may have been useful...wish they brought back the display on the film 7 that shows each cell's metering value...

David A Melges wrote: me, thats like saying two cars are identical but this one
doesn't have a motor, is it really that big a deal?

If the one feature were flash sync, or programmable shooting modes,
maybe...but to those waiting for Live View, everything starts and
ends with Live View.

If its got it, I might buy it....if it doesn't, I won't even consider

I love Sony!

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