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Who chooses a camera by 'LiveView' alone?


Who is going to drop $1500-$2000 on a camera based on ONE feature?

Is a consumer really going to narrow down their choice to a Sony OR a Canikolympus, and come to the conclusion that the cameras are equal across full feature sets, image quality, accessories, and price point, BUT FOR this one feature?

I just don't see it.

People who choose a DSLR based on one feature are like people who vote for political candidates based on a single issue. And those single-issue voters are frequently disappointed at all the other baggage they end up getting with their one-dimensional candidate.

I shot 5000+ images with my Olympus P&S and always used the live view. Now after 15000+ with the Maxxum 5D, I can say it matters very, very, very little to me.

Maybe 25-50 shots of 15,000 would have been more convenient for me with a live view, but only if the camera also had a swiveling LCD screen. Without that additional feature, I'd say less than 15 of 15K shots would've been impacted. And since this is digital, I can simply take more photos to make sure I get the result I want.

I understand certain, very constrained, circumstances where a live view would be useful. But many of the examples cited - overhead shots over a crowd, for instance - are borderline humorous to me. If I'm holding a camera over my head to get a shot over a crowd - I'm in the wrong place to get a good (let alone publishable) photo. I've got to compose with my feet, and get in front of that crowd!!!

I remember all the teeth-knashing by people about high ISO noise on the A100, above ISO 400. Now Sony releases a 12MP CMOS that (until reviews say otherwise) holds the promise of magical images up to ISO 1600, but, oh, now it doesn't have live view!

I have yet to have someone look at one of my photographs and say 'Wow! That's incredible. I'll buy it - but only if it was shot with a live view on the LCD!'

No way is this a deal-breaker. Not even close.

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