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I agree with you on most counts, but 16 x 9 is truly a gimmick in itself.

16 x 9 is an aspect ratio that only has context or meaning in broadcast/television type scenarios. It has no real place in photography. Now, if your goal is to shoot and display on a widescreen tv almost exclusively and you don't want to bother with any kind of PP workflow - sure, it has a use.

But I don't really want the camera to pre-crop my images for me, which is exactly what that mode is going to do.

Alpha Doug wrote:

Virtually useless toy. When you are in Live View mode on any Canon
or Nikon camera, focusing is done differently (contrast detection)
and is far less accurate than with the mirror down. You get total
blackout while shooting fast, so tracking is near impossible. Hand
held, you better get nothing but image stabilized lenses, cause you
are going to bobble the thing holding it out far enough to view on
the screen. Marketing, marketing, marketing.

I am really impressed that Sony has apparently listened to most of
the desires of both the A100 upgrade crowd, and the leftover 7D
crowd. I think they may have one upped both Canon and Nikon on image
quality with the new processor which applies a minute amount of Noise
reduction even to RAW images on the fly, on the chip, and the new 5
level DRO that you can shoot bracketed, and applied to RAW!

I'm sorry, image quality, and ergonomics are far more important to me
than gimmicks.

How about the fact that the camera can shoot in 16:9 mode? I would
find that useful for wide angle landscapes!

Quieter mirror drive for less shake and less noise? Stronger,
quieter motor drive for autofocus? Improved auto-focus?

Real photographic improvements!

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