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Re: Live view uses

Jim Ogilvie wrote:


So you're going to get yourself a D300, and shoot almost exclusively
with liveview?

This means of course that you're going to be holding the camera body
away from you. You likey won't be able to get your hands on the lens
barrel easily from this position, so manual focussing is out - unless
you use a tripod.

The unnatural posture one is going to have to adopt to use liveview
off of a tripod is going to make this feature very rarely used
indeed. But I can definitely see it being useful if you're doing
macro work or your subjects are absolutely still (mine never are, I
shoot models almost 100%)

I guess thats where I am coming from. I forget often that a lot of
people don't use their cameras to shoot people, so liveview might be
useful to them.

There is no way you could free-hand hold the camera with a heavy lens
using liveview and making adjustments.


I will only be using live-view when the camera is mounted on a tripod for landscape, still life, & macro.

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