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Re: The LiveView Poll

WaltKnapp wrote:

EgonVLC wrote:

Now that we know there won't be liveview in A700, do you think it
would hurt A700 sales?

Might even help sales. Liveview is associated with low end cameras,
non serious photography in most people's minds. The A700 is a
advanced DSLR and will primarily attract people fully at ease using a
optical viewfinder. It's going to sell well I think. (depending on
what is found as people actually get to using the camera)

For me it is a plus as far as Sony's intentions that it does not have
it. Another indication that they are serious about high end DSLR and
not gimmicks.

And I do have a live view P&S and really really hate the viewfinder
or LCD display "viewfinder" on it. You pretty much have to hope AF
got it right. And it certainly does not keep up at the speed of light.


All the latest cameras from C,N &O have live-view this includes the D3 & 1Dmk3 theses are serious pro cameras.

With the A700 you get a 95% viewfinder & no live-view

This IMHO is a huge error by Sony!

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