Has Sony just cut lens prices in the USA?

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Re: You missed it

fjbyrne wrote:

I understand your point.


We shall see how this strategy plays out
for them. Canon and Nikon are certainly viewed as premium brands.
When I hear Canon and Nikon I think cameras (and printing for Canon).
When I hear Sony I think giant corp that makes all kinds of things -
from cheap to expensive. Does the Sony name carry the same weight as
Canon and Nikon when it comes to DSLRs? I don't think so.

Me neither, and they are probably too broad to ever be identified with one division like that. I think that with time people will begin to realize that they don't just make CD players, TVs, and xboxes. People who already own sony p&s cameras may already be open to that idea.

The 400D
is a good example IMO of how the Canon name bullied the Sony name in
DSLRs. How does Sony overcome this? I'm not 100% sure but you know
my thoughts. Did the A100 selling for $600 make Sony a "value" brand
and turn them from Lexus to Toyota?

If they do not grow the line upwards, I think it will be the first step in that direction. I think it is early enough where they are neither right now.

Oh yeah, I am fully aware of the Acura/Honda, Lexus/Toyota and
Infinity/Nissan connections. Actually there is no Acura in Europe
just Honda IIRC - it was the Honda legend there. I do understand the
whole brand thing - maybe I just don't have as lofty a view of Sony
as the average person. Either way Acura, Lexus and Infinity were all
priced less than comparable BMW, Mercedes and Audis. If there
weren't they would never have succeeded IMO. If you charge me as
much as the BMW than I need a reason for me to buy it instead of the
BMW. The same is true for Canon (Mercedes?) and Nikon (BMW?) and
upstart Sony (Acura?) IMO.

BMW has its strengths, so does MB. Acura and Audi have theirs. The higher in the market you go, the less price plays an influence. People are making choises between MB, BMW and Acura that aren't always driven by price.

The people who price really effects may need to consider VW as an alternative to Audi, or Chrysler to MB. This is a capolist system, after all.


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