My review of the "Own User" Battery Grips...

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Ben Herrmann
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My review of the "Own User" Battery Grips...

Hi folks:

Well, I've been quite impressed so far with the entire transaction involving the 3rd Party "Own User" Battery Grips. Apparently, this Taiwan company (who is now marketing these grips to the US and elsewhere via GadgetInfinity out of Hong Kong) is quite a reputable organization.

I ordered the grips this past weekend, and I only paid $18 for shipping (for two grips). I received the grips via FedEx today, so considering it was traveling from Hong Kong...I was impressed to say the least.

Okay, I ordered two grips - one for the E330 and one for th eE510. My curiosity was really stoked because as you are probably aware, most 3rd party battery grips for models of cameras that never had one to begin with...were often bare-bone models with no vertical grip. Well, after opening up these grips, I was surprised to the max.

1. To begin with, their build quality is on par with what Olympus would have done had they issued an optional battery grip for these models. Ergonomically they are quite nice.

2. Testosterone factor - yup, it's there alright.

3. Flexibility and Options - quite a few - in fact, more so than most OEM grips on the market.

Okay, so after attaching them to the camera, I took pictures - which are listed below. Overall the grips look quite attractive. They are not necessarily small, so get that out of your minds. The only part that looks utilitarian is the rear portion where the two battery trays come out. I bet that Own User will eventually redesign this portion of the grips.

Okay, so here are the pictures:

On the E330 - there is no separate chord that has to plug in anywhere, so that's nice...the grip just plugs right in and is functional...period!!!

1. A front E330 view (please notice that the grip has 2 vertical grip shutter releases - one on each side, making it wonderful for left handers also):

2. A right side view of the E330 battery Grip showing the battery on/off switch (yes, when you're done using the camera, you don't just switch off the camera, but you also switch off the battery grip). Additionally, you will select the battery type (which for Olympus is the A mode):

3. The left side view of the E330 Battery Grip showing the vertical shutter on/off switch so you don't accidentally trip the shutter release while holding the camera in regular modes.

4. A rear view of the E330 Battery Grip - again, here is the only part that looks utilitarian, but given the wonderful options and capabilities of this grip, it's a small price to pay for having it.

5. Looking at the underneath of the grip you can see the tripod socket, plus I forgot to mention you can even hook a camera strap with the attachments on either side of the grip.

6. This is what the box and detailed instructions look like. Actually, the instructions are more detailed and of better quality than the typical OEM battery grips that you get with cameras.

Okay, here are some of the E510 with the grip attached. Again, rather than repeat the above, the grips all have the same features, regardless of model camera type.

1. E510 front view:

2. E510 Right side view:

3. E510 Left side view:

4. E510 rear view:

Please note that I used the Nikon P5000 to photograph these because it has superb AWB capabilities, getting indoor scenes right - whether in flourescent or tungsten lighting without any adjustments having to be made in WB.

My verdict is that these grips should be quite popular. You purchase the grip on ebay for $109 USD. Regular shipping is $10, but I elected to go to the next level of shipping which says up to a week delivery time. But I got mine in 3 - 4 days via FedEx - so go figure.

I hope this helps you...

Good shooting...


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